Ant Project Action



This action executes the Apache Ant command line build tool, making it easy to integrate legacy build scripts into your FinalBuilder build.





Build File


The path to an Ant project file to build.





One or more targets to build. Separate multiple targets with spaces.





Properties to pass into Ant on the command line. Press the "Insert" key to add new Properties.



Property File


To pass properties from a text file, specify one here



Fail if Warnings or Error Messages are detected in log output


If this option is enabled, the Ant Project Action will fail if any error or warning messages are detected in the log output. This means the action may fail even though the overall result from Ant is "Success".


In some older versions of Ant, this option may be required in order to properly detect failed projects.






Logging Level


Choose a logging level for the output from the action.



Produce logging information without adornments


This is equivalent to passing the -emacs option to Ant.



Output to log file


Check this box to specify a path for Ant to write a dedicated log file.



Custom logger class


Check this box to specify the name of a custom logger class.