Ask Question Action



This action allows you ask the person running the project a yes/no type question. You can optionally store the result in a FinalBuilder variable. For more information on variables, including creating your own project and user variables, see here.


Note: This action should not be used unattended as it will cause them to hang waiting for user input. By default, interactive actions are not available from the FinalBuilder console. Interactive actions cannot be used inside Async Action Groups.





This is the question that will be displayed in the dialog box.  It may contain variables which will be expanded at runtime.


Dialog Caption

The text to use for the dialog caption.



The dialog has two buttons, either OK and Cancel, or Yes and No - choose which style you want to use.


The behaviour of the action can be customised to fail on Cancel/No (the default), to fail if the user chooses OK/Yes, or not to fail at all and instead save the result to a variable.  If you choose to store the result in a FinalBuilder variable, then OK / Yes will set the variable to True, and Cancel / No will set the variable to False


Below is an example of what the dialog will look like at runtime: