Automated QA Test Complete 4, 5 & 6 Action




The Test Complete 4/5/6 Project action provides support for execution of AutomatedQA TestComplete projects for version 4 and newer.


The path to your TestComplete installation should be automatically detected. If it is not, you will need to configure it under Tools menu -> Options -> Testing Tools.





TestComplete Project


The full path to a TestComplete project or project suite.



Use TestComplete / TestExecute


Choose whether to run the project in TestComplete or TestExecute. The chosen application must be installed, and the path to the executable set under the Tools menu -> Options -> Testing Tools -> TestComplete.



Close When Done


Select to close TestComplete when the test is completed. Note that TestComplete does not output verbose status information to the FinalBuilder log, so you will need to check the TestComplete log file for details.



Fail action if warnings occur


TestComplete returns four levels of error information:


- No errors (test completed successfully.)

- Warnings (test completed with warnings.)

- Errors (errors were detected.)

- Fatal Errors (a fatal error prevented the test script from running.)


Normally, the action will fail on all but "No errors." If this option is selected, TestComplete will only fail if errors were encountered.


Run in silent mode


If this option is selected, TestComplete will not display warning, hint or error dialogs while running. Recommended if a build is to be run unattended.




Project Details:


Run all projects / Run named project


You can choose to run one test project or all projects from the project suite.


Run all test items / Run named project item / Run specific unit/routine


If running a named project, you can select to run all items in the suite, a single named "project item" from the suite, or a specific test script routine from a single test script unit.