Automatic Action Usage Updates


What Are Automatic Usage Updates?

In order to continue making FinalBuilder better, we're interested to know what actions users are working with the most.

In order to gather this information, we ask that you please allow FinalBuilder to send monthly updates of which actions have been added to projects. This information is all totally anonymous. Only the following data is sent, in plain text:

The version of FinalBuilder that you are using.
The names (and total numbers) of actions which were added to projects.


No identifying information of any kind is recorded, not even your IP address. None of your action settings are submitted, only action names (as they are displayed in the Action Types frame.)


If you have a registered copy of FinalBuilder, then you will be prompted and asked for permission to start submitting this information. No further dialogs will be displayed, unless an error occurs (see below.)



Enabling and Disabling Automatic Updates

Automatic update submission is disabled by default. If you want to enable or disable update submission at any time, you can go to Tools -> Options and click on "FinalBuilder" and then "General IDE Options":





How Updates are Submitted

Updates are submitted by using HTTP to connect to our web site. If a proxy server is configured in Internet Explorer, then this proxy information will be used for the connection (proxy authentication is not supported.)


If an error occurs, a dialog will be displayed. Update submission will then be re-attempted the next time FinalBuilder is launched. If you are consistently receiving errors about failed submissions, then you may need to consider disabling the automatic usage updates feature.