Embarcadero C++Builder Compiler Options


Scripting Info


The Action.CompilerOpt properties available are :


  property Optimisation : TBCBCompilerOptimisations;

 Valid values are combinations of : coPentiumScheduling,coInlineIntrinsic,coInductionVariables,coCommonSubExpression


  property OutputWarnings : TBCBCompilerWarnings;

 valid values are :cwNone,cwAll,cwSelected


  property DebugInfo    : boolean;

  property LineNoInfo   : boolean;

  property DisableInline: boolean;

  property PreCompiledHeaders : TBCBCompilerPreCompiledHeader;

 Valid Values are  pcNone,pcUse,pcCache


  property PreCompFile  : string;

  property StopAfterFile : string;


  property MergeDupStrings : boolean;

  property StackFrames  : boolean;

  property EnumsAsInt    : boolean;

  property ShowGeneralMessages : boolean;

  property ExtendedErrorInfo : boolean;