History & Statistics



The History & Statistics Tabs display a summary of the previous builds of the current project.


You can load a previous build into the Build Log tab to see the details of that build.







The History keeps a record for every run of the project, but only a finite number of detailed logs are kept.  The maximum number of detailed logs can be changed in the Options screen.  When the detailed log has been deleted (either automatically or manually), the entry for that log will be grayed out and you can no longer view the details of the log.


View Log


Loads the log in the Build Log tab of the Design and Debug screen.


Delete Log Entry


Deletes the log permanently.


Clear History


Deletes all stored logs permanently.


Pack log file


Compresses the stored log file to save space


Export Log


Exports the selected log to HTML, Text, or XML


Hide Deleted


If unchecked, deleted logs are displayed in grey. Otherwise, they are hidden.


See also: Logging Options