CityDesk Action



This Action will publish a CityDesk 2 Site to a predefined location. Before using this action for the first time you will need to set the CityDesk location option in the FinalBuilder Options dialog.




When you select a CityDesk file, FinalBuilder will read the defined publish locations into the combo box. Alternatively, you can type the name of a different publish location.


Note however that when the action runs this field must have a valid location, otherwise CityDesk will display a message box with an error (which will cause unattended build to hang!)


Note : CityDesk 2 Files are Microsoft Access databases, and this action uses the Microsoft Jet 4.x OLEDB provider. This provided is not installed in Windows by default. If you have Office XP/2003 or Access XP/2003 you should already have it, otherwise you can download it from the Microsoft web site.