ClearCase Make Attribute Type Action


Use this action to make a new attribute type in a VOB. The new attribute type can then have values assigned to elements and components within that VOB.


For full details of the mkattype command, see the ClearCase manual page (type cleartool man mkattype.)






New Attribute Type


Click on the dropdown menu to see a list of VOBs.



Allowable Values


Attributes can be of type String, Integer, Real, Date or Opaque (a single unsigned byte.)


For cardinal types (all apart from String), minimum and maximum values can be specified.





Creation Options


If the attribute type already exists, 'Replace pre-existing...' must be checked or the action will fail at runtime.





The attribute can be scoped either for a single VOB (Ordinary) or for all client VOBS as well (Global.)



Usage Constraints


Application of the attribute type can be restricted in order to avoid ambiguity.