ClearCase Make Element Action


Use this action to make a new element (file, directory, etc.) The new element is created in both the VOB and the view directory.


For full details of the mkelem command, see the ClearCase manual page (type cleartool man mkelem.)


The ClearCase Make Element Action can only create elements specified by View-extended pathnames.




Element Creation Options


Set Element Type

The element type is not required, but allows ClearCase to automatically manage the contents of some files. Set the element type to 'Directory' if you are creating a directory. Click on the dropdown menu to get a list of all element types in all VOBs.


Make path from view-private parent directories

Use this option if the new element has a parent directory which also does not exist in the VOB.


Assign Mastership to VOB Replica

This option is not available in ClearCase LT.