IDE Command Line Interface



(To run builds from the command line in a console window, use the Command line executable.)


FinalBuilder Command Line Options


Usage : FinalBuilder.exe [switches] <projectfile>








-n or /n

Hide the splash screen when starting up.


-r or /r

Automatically run the project file passed in on the command line.

/r "MyProject.fbp7"

-e or /e

Exit when done running.*

/r /e

-m or /m

Minimize IDE when starting.  This is useful when you are scheduling a project and you don't want the IDE to appear (instead you will just see the tray icon)


-f or /f

Don't exit if an error occurs while running.*

/r /e /f

-v or /v

Set FinalBuilder variables, in the form VarName=VarValue. The variables must be already defined Project or User variables.*


Separate multiple name/value pairs with semicolons. If the variable value contains spaces, enclose it in quotes.

/vOutputDIR="d:\Output\My Output";DCUDIR=d:\temp\dcu

-a or /a

Allow interactive actions (prompt for variables, message boxes, etc.) in an automatic build.*

/r /a

-o or /o

Close any other instances of the FinalBuilder IDE which are idle with unmodified copies of the same project file.*

/r /o

-of or /of

Forcibly close any other instances of the FinalBuilder IDE which are open with a copy of the same project file. The IDE will first attempt to close cleanly, otherwise will terminate a running project or force terminate a stuck project. Unsaved changes to projects will be lost. Mutually exclusive with -o.*†

/r /of

-tl or /tl

Log to a temporary log file, instead of the project log file.


With this option enabled, the same project can be open multiple times concurrently. Log history will be lost when the FinalBuilder IDE closes.


-z or /z

Enable live logging during automated run. Normally live logging is disabled when using -r (for performance reasons.) This option can be used for debugging and monitoring purposes.*

-r -z


* = Only valid when Auto Run (-r) switch is included.

= Warning: Forcibly closing other projects may cause loss of data and should be used sparingly.



When running FinalBuilder as a scheduled task, you should always use the /r and /e switches.



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