Configuration Wizard





The Configuration Wizard is an efficient way to set up FinalBuilder to suit your needs. It sets up the Package Manager by asking a series of questions, and finally sets a few default options.


The Configuration Wizard is run the first time you launch FinalBuilder, and you can run it again by choosing Run Configure FinalBuilder Wizard from the Tools menu. It is a good idea to run the wizard periodically to check whether you have packages selected that you don't need, and to see if there are packages that might have become useful to you that were disabled. For example, if you have begun using Subversion, run the wizard to quickly add that package.


The wizard consists of the following pages:

2.Version Control Systems
4.Help Compilers
6.Testing and Obfuscation Tools
7.Licensing Tools
8.Other Packages
9.Other Options


On the "Other Options" page you can set the default script language, maximum number of logs, and the key bindings to use. These correspond to options on the Script Editor Options, Logging Options and Design Time Options pages respectively.