Configure and Queue a Build


Create a new build definition, and on the Process tab, hit "Details" and select one of the FinalBuilder templates from the drop down list.


Below the "Build process template" area is an area called "Build process parameters". This has now been updated to contain parameters required by the FinalBuilder template.


TFS2010_Build process parameters

You will see a yellow warning symbol in the FinalBuilder area of the parameters. This is because Project File is a mandatory paramter and it has not yet been supplied.


You need to specify the location of the FinalBuilder project in source control. To find the location, open the source control explorer, locate project file, right-click, choose properties and select and copy the "Server Name".


Go back to the Build Definition window and paste this value into the Project File parameter.


There are 2 optional parameters:

Build Flavour: An arbitrary string that you lable the build with, for example Debug or Release. If unspecified it will default to "Debug".
Build Platform: The target platform for the build. It should be set to Any CPU, x86 or x64. The default is Any CPU.


You can now save your build definition and it will appear under "Builds" in Team Explorer. Right-click on this and [Queue New Build...]