FileSet Copy/Move Action



The Copy/Move FileSet action allows you to copy or move all the files in a FileSet to a new location.




FileSet - specify the name of the FileSet to use


Refresh FileSet before starting - if this option is set the FileSet will be refreshed before this action runs.  This means it will be recreated by using the patterns/filters from the FileSet Define action.  Use this option when it's possible that the files may have changed between when the FileSet was created to the point where you want to copy or move the files in the FileSet.


Destination Directory - the new location to move or copy the files to


Copy/Move Files - select the mode of the action


Existing Files - select what you would like the action to do if files of the same name are found in the destination directory


Recreate source hierarchy - if this option is not set, then all the files in the FileSet (regardless of their path) will be placed in the destination directory.


Fail if any files not found - the action will fail if any of the files in the FileSet are not found when performing the copy or move


Clear attributes of created files - this option removes the following flags from the newly created files: ReadOnly, System, Hidden, Archive