Create Archive



The Create Archive actions allows you to create archives using any of the following formats:

Zip, 7z, GZip, BZip2, TAR


More Info on the 7Zip based actions




Archive Name - specify the name of the new archive.  The file extension should match the type of archive you are creating (eg. ZIP)


Root Directory - you can optionally set this to a directory so that the included files can be relative to this directory


Working Directory - any temporary files will be placed in this directory


Recurse - specify how it should deal with sub-folders


Password - specify a password to protect the archive.  You'll need to supply this password to decrypt the archive





Archive Type - specify the archive type you want to create.  It should match the file extension of the archive name.


Solid Mode, SFX, and Multithreaded are modes available if you choose the 7zip format


Compression Level - specify which compression level you require.  Higher compression levels require more CPU and memory. Some compression formats only support a subset of the available compression levels.





Specify the files to include in the new archive.

If you don't specify a fully qualified filename, then the working directory must be set on the Settings tab.


The add button allows you to add a file, folder, or Other.  Other is typically used to enter a wildcard filespec, such as *.txt




Specify any files or filespecs to exclude from the archive.