Create Shortcut



The Create Shortcut action allows you to create an Explorer shortcut (.lnk file) from one file to another.





Shortcut File


The location where you want to create the shortcut file. Shortcuts must have the .lnk file extension.


"Fail if the shortcut file already exists"


If this option is set, the action will fail if the shortcut already exists. Otherwise, the existing shortcut will be replaced.


Target (original file)


This is the location of the target file that the shortcut links to.


"Fail if the target does not exist"


If this option is set, the action will fail if the target is not a valid pathname to an existing file. If this option is not set then the shortcut will be created, regardless.



Starting Directory


The working directory of the shortcut's application (when launched.) Optional. If left blank, the program will be started in the target file's parent directory.





The Description will appear in the "Comment" field in Explorer Properties. Optional.





Command Line Arguments


Command line arguments to be passed to the Target (if it is an application.)



Shortcut Icon Path


Optionally specify a different file's icon for the shortcut.



Shortcut Window


This option determines whether the target starts normally, in a maximized window, or in a minimized window in the background.