CVS Actions


The CVS Actions provide a basic interface over the CVS command line tool, cvs.exe. Not all options are exposed in these action's property pages, however they do allow you to specify additional options to be passed to the command line.


All of the CVS actions have the Repository and Global Options property pages. These pages expose the options that control how you connect to CVS (either remotely or locally) and provide access to some properties that are common across most of the CVS actions.


For information on how to use CVS, see the CVS documentation available here :




There is an example Build script that demonstrates the usage of some of the CVS actions in the FinalBuilder\Examples\CVS Directory installed with FinalBuilder.


Note : CVS.exe requires that two environment variables HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH are set before running it. When running from the scheduler, make sure you run under a user that has these environment variables set, or add them as FinalBuilder project variables and check the "Make available as Environment variable" option when adding the variables. Typical values for these variables are :



HOMEPATH=\Documents and Settings\Vincent