Delete Directory



This action will delete the specified directory. If Delete Tree is set then the action will delete any files in the target directory, if not then the action will fail if the directory is not empty.




Delete Read Only / Hidden Directories


If these options are set, directories will be deleted even if they have their "Read Only" or "Hidden" attributes set. Otherwise, attempting to delete such directories will result in an error.



Delete Tree


If Delete Tree is set, the action will recursively delete all files and subdirectories of the chosen directory.



Log each deleted file and directory


If this option is set, the pathname of each file and directory will be logged as it is deleted.



Scripting Info


The Action properties available are :


 property  FileOrDirectory  : WideString;// The Directory to Delete

 property  DeleteReadOnly : WordBool;

         property  DeleteHidden : WordBool;

 property  DeleteTree : WordBool;