The Demeanor action enables you to automate obfuscation of your .Net assemblies using Wise Owl Demeanor


Demeanor for .NET protects your intellectual property by making it extremely difficult to reverse engineer your .NET applications. Unprotected .NET applications can be easily reverse engineered via decompilation and inspection by many decompiler products.


To counter this threat, WiseOwl has developed Demeanor for .NET -- the best .NET obfuscator available. Demeanor for .NET applies many transformations to your .NET applications that makes them much more difficult to reverse engineer.


Demeanor for .NET obfuscates the names of your types, fields, methods, properties and events by changing their names to meaningless symbols. Demeanor for .NET also obfuscates the metadata of your application, discarding all types and members that aren't needed during runtime. Demeanor for .NET also alters the control flow of your methods so that the resulting code is much harder to understand.


See the Wise Owl Demeanor homepage for more information,