Edit XML File Action



This action allows you to modify a value in an XML document. The value to modify is selected using XPath, if the Attribute field is empty the node text will be set.




XML File


Specify an XML file or document to edit.




Specify the XPath of the node you wish to edit.


Attribute (optional)


If you specify an attribute here then that attribute's value will be set to 'New Value.'


If you do not specify an attribute, then the entire contents of the selected node will be set instead.


New Value


Specify the value to  write to the XML file.


MSXML Parser Page


Allows you to set some options to be used when the parser loads the XML. See the XML Parser Options topic for details.


Preserve Whitespace


This option specifies the default white space handling of the MSXML parser. When set to true, all white space is preserved, regardless of any xml:space attributes specified in the document type definition (DTD). It is equivalent to having an xml:space="preserve" attribute on every element.  When Preserve Whitespace is False, the values of any xml:space attributes determine where white space is preserved.