Q. I'm getting this error when running my Delphi action : Error expanding variables in xxx : Variable : DELPHI - does not exist!


A. You are probably using the DELPHI variable outside of the Library Path or SearchPath settings. For example if you have your library path set to %MYLIBRARYPATH% and the default value of  %MYLIBRARYPATH% is $(DELPHI)\lib, then you will see this error. The DELPHI variable is a special variable, at runtime the Delphi action replaces the variable with a compiler version specific variable before the variable expansion is called (eg. DELPHI5DIR for Delphi 5). If you look in the variables dialog you will not find a DELPHI variable declared.


Q. Why is no executable is being produced when compiling my Delphi 5 project with FinalBuilder


A. This is a bug with the Delphi 5 command line compiler (dcc32.exe), it is fixed in Delphi 6 & 7. To work around this problem, select the "Work around Delphi 5 Compiler bug Check box".


Q. Personal Firewalls & FinalBuilder


I run ZoneAlarm Pro as a firewall, and every time I update FinalBuilder, it warns that (the changed) FinalBuilder is attempting to access the internet, and that it is attempting to obtain server access (i.e., it listens for connections).


A. FinalBuilder checks & listens for other copies of FinalBuilder running on the local network with the same license key. If it detects another copy, and for example the license key is a single user license key, then the second copy will fail to start. For instance, if you have a 2 user license key then the third copy will fail to start.