FileSet Define



The FileSet Define action is used to create a new FileSet.




The FileSet Define action has the following properties:


FileSet Name - the name the FileSet will be referred to in other actions, script, and action fields


Base Directory - the root directory where the search for files will be based


Default Quoting - the default quoting style


Default Separator - the default separator style used when outputting more than one file


Sorting - choose how the files found will be sorted:

No sorting - the files in the FileSet are returned in the order they were found (fastest)
File name (natural) - sort order similar to how Windows Explorer sorts files (not case sensitive and numbers are treated as such)
File name (ASCII) - basic ASCII sorting of file names
File size - sorted according to the size of the files
File date - sorted according to last modified date/time



Fail if no files found - the action will fail if no files are added to the FileSet

Include hidden and system directories - by default these directories aren't searched in recursive searches

Include Date and Size information - when the action runs it reports all files found, this option includes the file size and modified date in the output


After setting up the options for the FileSet you need to add Include Patterns, Exclude Patters and Filters:

Include Patterns - a list of patterns which will be used to find files

Exclude Patterns - a list of patterns used to exclude files

Filters - a list of filters used to refine the selection of files based on different criteria


For more information on Patterns, see FileSet Patterns

For more information on Filters, see FileSet Filters


The following actions natively support FileSets:

Create ISO
FTP Upload
File Iterator
Image Manipulation
Lossless JPEG Transform
Spell Checking
Get File Size
Check File Exists Action