How FileSets work


FileSets allow you to specify a set of patterns to select files, exclusion patterns to exclude certain files, and filters to further limit the files selected.  The FileSet can then be used to generate a list of files, which can then be further used in other actions which can either natively use a FileSet object, or can take a list of files (there are many output formats available).


To define a FileSet use the FileSet Define action.  This is where you set up the include and exclude patterns, the filters, the root directory, and the default output separator and quoting style.  A FileSet must have at least one Include pattern, but does not have a maximum.  A FileSet can also have any number of Exclude patterns and filters.


When a FileSet is processed, FinalBuilder scans the file system for each include pattern using the include patterns parameters for the search.  Each file and directory found is then tested against the exclude patterns, and finally each file is tested against each filter before being added to the list of files in the FileSet.  This list of files is then available during the rest of the build.  See Accessing FileSets to see how other actions in the build can use the list of files selected.