FinalBuilder Basic Concepts



Use the FinalBuilder IDE to design your build using Actions (see below)
Test and Debug your build in the IDE
Run your build in the IDE or using FBCMD
Use FinalBuilder Server for centralized build management and continuous integration


Actions and Action Lists


FinalBuilder projects have one or more Action Lists, which in turn contain Actions to perform the build. Each action represents one step in the process, by performing a task such as copying files, creating directories, etc.






Main and OnFailure


By default each FinalBuilder project has a Main Action List and an OnFailure Action List.  The project starts at the first enabled action in the Main action list, if an error occurs then it can be either handled by Try Catch Actions, or the build will switch to the OnFailure Action List (assuming it is not empty) and continue from there. You can think of the OnFailure Action List as a global error handler, it is from here you can perform cleanup tasks when a build fails, such as deleting temporary or intermediate files etc.


User Action Lists


In addition to the default Action Lists, FinalBuilder also allows you to define custom Action Lists for each project, which can then be run using the Run Action List action.


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