FinalBuilder Task dialog



This dialog appears when you click the Edit button for a FinalBuilder project, in the Edit FinalBuilder Project(s) dialog. It shows custom options for a single FBCmd task to run a FinalBuilder project.





General FinalBuilder Options


Each option corresponds to a property of the FBCmd MSBuild task.


Write to the FinalBuilder Log File - If this option disabled, no output is written to FinalBuilder's internal log file.


Write to the Team Build Log - If this option is disabled, no output from the project is written to the Team Build log.


Ignore Failure - If this option is enabled, the build will not fail even if this FinalBuilder project fails.


Log FinalBuilder Banner - If this option is enabled, the FinalBuilder FBCMD "Banner" (version number, etc.) will appear in the Team Build log.


Allow Interactive Actions - If this option is enabled, interactive actions (like Prompt For Variables (Enhanced)) will be allowed to run. You almost certainly do not want to enable this option.


Timeout <> minutes - If this option is enabled, the FinalBuilder process will be timed out after this many minutes of execution.



Team Build FinalBuilder Options


Enable FinalBuilder Team Build integration features - Enable this option so that FinalBuilder "knows" it is running under Team Build and can support extra Team Build Functionality.


Add a step to the Team Build Report - Enable this option to add a step called "FinalBuilder Project <ProjectName>" to the Team Build report.


Copy the FinalBuilder project and log file to the Team Build drop share - This option is useful because Team Build creates a new "sandbox" workspace for each build. This option will deploy the just-run FinalBuilder project and log file to the drop share. You can open the project to view the full FinalBuilder log file for that build.



Variables To Set


Select any variables to set in the project. You can reference MSBuild properties like $(MyPropertyName).


It is not necessary to use this field for common Team Build parameters. These can be retrieved using the Get Team Foundation Build Parameters action, inside FinalBuilder.