Fix TLBImp Project Reference



This action will attempt to fix com interop references in a C#, VB.NET or J# Visual Studio project File. The most reason this might need to be done is if the Typlibrary guids have changed since the reference was added to the project in Visual Studio. An example of when this might happen is when a .NET project is importing a VB6 COM DLL that is not compiled with binary compatibility enabled. VB6 will change the typelibrary guid's every time the project is built. This action should be used after the VB6 Action and before the VS.NET action or the C#/VB.NET or J# Project compiler actions.





The project File property should point to the VS.NET project file (not the solution) that references the com dll. The reference name is the name of the reference as it appears in the references section of the solution explorer in Visual Studio. The ProID should be set to the format TyplibName.ClassName, for example Word.Application. This prog id enables the action to find the typelibrary entry in the registry and find the correct guid and version numbers for the com dll. The project file must be writeable as the action will update the reference entry in the file.