Flow Control



FinalBuilder includes many actions which let you control which actions are executed in your project. The Flow Control category in the Actions Pane includes the following flow control actions:


Action Group - a "do nothing" action to help you structure your project with parent/child relationships between actions
ASync Action Group - Runs all child actions simultaneously
While Loop - Runs it's child actions until the Condition property returns False
Include Project - Run a separate FinalBuilder project
Run Action List - Run another Action List (just like calling a sub-procedure)
Stop Run - Aborts the running of the current project
Try/Catch/Finally/End - Catch and deal with errors. See Error Handling
If .. Then - Add conditionals to your project
If Prev Action Failed - Run a special set of actions if the previous action failed
Switch/Case - Run certain actions based on a condition
Delay - Add a delay to your project
For Loop - Run a set of child actions for a specified number of times
"Wait for" actions - suspends the project run until an event happens


Also see the Interactive category for prompting the user for particular values, as well as the Variables section.