Get Team Foundation Build Parameters Action



This action allows you to retrieve some properties of the Team Build instance which can then be used in your FinalBuilder project, when running under Team Build. It can also be used to simply check if a project is running under Team Build, or natively inside FinalBuilder.


Note: In order for this action to work properly, the Team Build type must be set up using the Team Build Addin for Visual Studio.






Fail the action if not run as part of Team Build


Enable this property to have the action fail if not running under Team Build. If this property is not enabled, the action will run but does not do anything.



Set Variables to Team Build Properties / Paths


Optionally, set any FinalBuilder variables that you would like set to the values of Team Build properties.


Team Server URL - The URL of the team server instance, ie http://myteamserver:8080/. In the example above, the Team Server URL will be saved to the  FinalBuilderproject variable "TeamServerURL".


Team Project - The name of the current team project.


Build Id - The Id of the current build. For Team Foundation 2008, this normally looks like <BuildTypeName>_<Date>.<No>


Platform - The platform name for the current build. Defaults to "Any CPU".


Flavor - The flavor name for the current build. Defaults to "FinalBuilder".


Deployment Folder - The target drop folder path for the current running build. Useful if you want to deploy any extra files to the drop share.


Solution Root Folder - The source folder for the current build's "sandbox" environment. Equivalent of the $(SolutionRoot) MSBuild property in Team Build, or the $(SourceDir) property for workspace mappings.