Git Checkout


The Git Checkout action allows you to checkout and switch to a different development branch.

From the Git Repository tab select the local repository where you want to checkout and switch branches. If you have already specified a default local repository via Tools > Options > Git, then you can enable the Use defaults option to use this repository. Otherwise,  you can override the default local repository by enabling the Override defaults option and specifying an alternative in the field provided.



Once the local repository has been selected , switch to the Checkout tab and enter the name of the branch that you wish to switch to within the selected repository.



There are two options that can be executed with this action.

Quiet - Suppress output from Git.

Force - Allow switching branches when the index or the working tree is different to the head, which will throw away local changes.

Merge - Allows to you perform a three-way merge between the current branch, working tree contents and the new branch in order to preserve modifications. This occurs when attempting to switch branches where the current branch has local modifications that differ from the branch that is being switched to.

For more information on performing a checkout with git, see: git checkout