Git Commit


The Git Commit action allows you to record changes made to the Git Repository.

From the Git Repository tab select the local repository where you want to perform the commit. If you have already specified a default local repository via Tools > Options > Git, then you can enable the Use defaults option to use this repository. Otherwise,  you can override the default local repository by enabling the Override defaults option and specifying an alternative in the field provided.


To perform a commit a message is required. Switch to the Commit Message tab to provide a message. There are three message options on this tab (you must select one):

Commit Message: Simply type the commit message in the text field provided. The text entered here will be used as the commit message.
Re-use commit message from this Commit ID: Provide a commit ID to re-use the commit message from a previous commit.
Text from file as commit message: Select a file that contains the text that you want to use as your commit message.


Switch to the Commit Options tab to see the list of available options that can be executed with this action.


Quiet - Suppress output from Git.

Verbose - Verbose output from Git.

Amend - Amend the tip of the current branch.

Only - Commit only the files specified in the file list and ignore the content that is currently staged. If this option is used in conjunction with the Amend option then no paths need to be specified which can be used to amend the previous commit without committing changes that are currently staged.

Include - Before committing the contents that are already staged, stage the files that have been listed in the file list as well.

All - Automatically stage files that have changed and/or deleted but ignore new files that Git does not know about.

No Verify - Bypass the pre-commit and commit-msg hooks.

Sign Off - Add Signed-off-by: <committer name> at the end of the commit message.

Allow Empty - Allows you to override the safety mechanism that prevents you from making a commit where the tree is exactly the same as its sole parent commit.

Author - Override the author name used in the commit.

Clean Up - Determines how the commit message is cleaned up:

 Verbatim - Do not change message at all.

 Whitespace - Removes leading and trailing white space lines.

 Strip - Removes both white space and commentary.

 Default - Same as Strip option except only occurs if the message is to be edited.

Untracked Files - Specifies the handling of untracked files:

 No - Do not show untracked files.

 Normal - Show untracked files and directories.

 All - Show untracked files and individual files within untracked directories.

For more information on committing changes within git, see: git commit