Git Create Branch


The Git Commit action allows you to create a new branch.

From the Git Repository tab select the local repository where you want to create a branch. If you have already specified a default local repository via Tools > Options > Git, then you can enable the Use defaults option to use this repository. Otherwise,  you can override the default local repository by enabling the Override defaults option and specifying an alternative in the field provided.


On the Create Branch tab specify the name for the new branch. The name must comply with the git-check-ref-format rules.


The Create Branch tab contains a number of options that can be executed with this action:

Create Branch from start point - Set the new branch to point to a commit by providing a commit id  or a tag.

Track - Setup the configuration to mark the start-point for the branch as upstream from the new branch.

No Track - Do not setup upstream configuration, even if the branch.autosetupmerge configuration variable is true.

For more information on creating a branch in git, see: git branch