Source Safe - Check In File(s)


This action allows you to check in files to a Visual Source Safe database. For detailed descriptions of the options available, see your Visual Source Safe 6.0 documentation or MSDN.


How to override Global Options for the Source Safe actions.





Scripting Info


The Action properties available are :


property  SSProject : WideString;// The name of the source safe project, eg. $/test/subproject

property  WorkingFolder : WideString;// The folder where the local copy will be placed.

property  FileSpec : WideString;// The file specification for files to check out , you may use wildcards in this

property  KeepCheckedOut : WordBool;// Keep File Checked Out.

property  RemoveLocalCopy : WordBool;// Remove the local copy after check in.

property  Comment; //Add a comment when checking file in.

property  Recursive : WordBool;// Recurse sub projects, checking in files/project which match the filespec

property  OverrideWorkingFolders; //override the working folders when recursively checking in projects

property  UserID : WideString;// Source Safe User ID, only needed if you do not want to use the default

property  Password : WideString;// Source Safe pwd for above user id.

property  IniFile : WideString;// path to source safe ini file (if you do not want to use the default