Inno Setup



This action provides an interface to the Inno Setup Compiler. To use this action you need to specify the path to the compiler dll (ISCmplr.dll) in the FinalBuilder Options dialog. FinalBuilder supports InnoSetup versions 2.x - 5.x




Project file :  The fully qualified path to the setup script file (*.iss)


Show Progress : This option is only supported with InnoSetup version 4.1.6 or higher.  It enables FinalBuilder to display the progress of InnoSetup as it creates the installer and is displayed on the Running screen.


Scripting Info


The Action properties available are :


property  ScriptFile : WideString

property InnoVersion : integer // 0 = 2.x, 1 = 3.x, 2 = 4.x, 3 = 5.x


Inno Setup is a freeware setup compiler which can be downloaded from :