Send Email (SMTP)



This action allows your FinalBuilder projects to send email via an SMTP server.




Host :  The host name (or IP address) of the SMTP server


Port :  The port on which to connect, defaults to 25


UserID /Password:  If your smtp server requires authentication, provide your userid and password


Use EHLO: Enabling EHLO uses a slightly different protocol to communicate with the SMTP server. EHLO allows the SMTP server to report it's capabilities to the client (in this case FinalBuilder), and then the client can adjust it's protocol to support the reported capabilities.


It is generally a good idea to enable this option.





From :  This must be set to a valid email address


Sender :  Set this when sending mail on behalf of someone else


Receipt Recipient :  If you require a notice receipt then set the address for the receipt message to be sent to


Mode : When operating in normal Mode, the action sends a single email message. When  operating in individual mode, it sends a message to each individual specified in the recipients property. Note that the copy to and blind copy to lists are not used in this mode.




Subject :  The email message's subject


Body :  The actual message.




The Recipients, Copy To, Blind Copy To and Reply To tabs all have the same grid that allows you to specify multiple email address/names.


Address can also be loaded from a text file. The format of the file is one recipient per line, with a comma separating the email address and name.




To attach a file, click on the ... button and select the file(s) using the dialog. Then click on the tick button to add them to the attachments list.


Scripting Info


The Action properties available are :


property  Host : WideString;

property  Port : integer;

property  UserId : WideString;

property  Password : WideString;

property  Authenticate : WordBool;

property  Subject : WideString;


property  Recipients : IFBAddressList;

property  CopyTo : IFBAddressList;

property  BlindCopyTo : IFBAddressList;


property  Sender : IFBEmailAddress;

property From : IFBEmailAddress;

property  ReplyTo : IFBEmailAddress;

property  ReceiptRecipient : IFBEmailAddress;

property  Mode : integer ; // valid values are emNormal and emIndividual

property  Body : WideString;


IFBAddressList  interface (for Recipients, CopyTo and Blind Copy To)


function  Add(const Name,Address : WideString) :  IFBEmailAddress;

function  Item(Index : integer) : IFBEmailAddress;

procedure  Clear;

procedure  RemoveItem(Index : integer);

property  Count : integer;


IFBEmailAddress  interface (for Sender, From,ReplyTo and ReceiptRecipient)


property  Name : WideString

property  Address : WideString

property  Text : WideString; //in the form "My Name" <>


This action uses the Open Source Indy Components, for more information see the Indy web site :