FTP Client (deprecated)



This action has been deprecated, but is still available for backwards compatibility.


Please see the new set of FTP Actions.


This action provides a basic FTP client, which can be used to upload or download files to/from an FTP server.




Host : The host name or IP address of the ftp server


User : Your user id on the ftp server


Password :  Your password on the ftp server


Port : The port on which the FTP server (or proxy if you are using one) is listening


Passive :  Instructs the FTP client and server to use passive mode transfers, this is needed when going through some firewalls


Detailed Logging : Enables Detailed logging.


Binary Transfer Mode : Sets the transfer mode to Binary (the default)


ASCII Transfer Mode :  Sets the transfer mode to ASCII



Proxy Settings




Server : The host name or ip address of the proxy


Port : The port number of the proxy


UserName : The User name for authentication


Password : The password for authentication


Proxy Type :


None - don't use a proxy

UserSite - Send command USER user@hostname

Site - Send command SITE (with logon)

Open - Send command OPEN

UserPass - USER user@firewalluser@hostname / PASS pass@firewallpass

Transparent - First use the USER and PASS command with the firewall username and password, and then with the target host username and password.

HttpProxyWithFtp - HTTP Proxy with FTP support. Will be supported in Indy 10

CustomProxy - use OnCustomFTPProxy to customize the proxy login


FTP Script




The FTP client works by adding FTP commands to the list. The available commands are :


Get Current Directory :  This can be retrieved into a Variable


Change Directory :   Change the remote directory, you can use FinalBuilder Variables with this command.


Change Up : Changes the remote directory to its parent directory, ie up one level


List Directory :  Lists the remote directory into a variable.


Create Directory : Create a sub directory in the current remote directory.


Delete Directory :  Deletes the specified remote directory.


Delete File :  Deletes the specified remote File.


Rename File :  Renames the specified Remote File.


Download File : Downloads the specified remote file to the specified local file.


Upload File :  Uploads the specified local file to the specified remote file.




Scripting Info


The Action properties available are :


property  Host : WideString

property  Port : integer

property  UserID : WideString

property  Password : WideString

property  Passive : WordBool

property  CurrentDir : WideString

property  DetailedLogging : WordBool



This action uses the Open Source Indy Components, for more information see the Indy web site : http://www.nevrona.com/Indy