Build Doc-O-Matic Project



This action provides an interface with the Doc-O-Matic command line compiler.




Project File :  The Doc-O-Matic project file.


Check for Errors - Don't Build :  The file will be checked for errors before starting and the build will be cancelled if any are found.


Show Help File After Build : Show the help file after build, not recommended


Reporting Level : Show All messages :  Show Errors only : Show Hints, Warnings and Errors : Show Warnings and Errors.


Generate Symbol File : Alternate usage, generates a symbol file.


Symbol File :  The fully qualified path to the generated symbol file.


Scripting Info


The Action properties available are :


property  CheckForErrors : WordBool

property  BuildAll : WordBool

property  WarningLevel : integer // valid values are : wlShowAll, wlShowHintsWarningsAndErrors, wlShowWarningsAndErrors , wlShowErrorsOnly


property  ProjectFile : WideString

property  ShowAfterBuild : WordBool

property  SymbolFile : WideString

property  GenerateSymbolFile : WordBool


Doc-O-Matic can be found at