Touch File(s)


This Action type provides the same functionality as the Touch command line utility provided with many C++ tools. It allows you to set the last modified File Date and/or Time for a file or a set of files matching a filespec or contained in a fileset.




File Spec - the name of a file or a filespec (that contains wildcards) that the touch command will affect


Recurse Directories - touch files in subdirectories that match the file spec


File Set - the name of a FileSet (created with the File Set Define action) that the touch command will affect


Touch Date/Time - specify the date and/or time on the calendar and timepicker that will be applied to the files


Touch Date - if selected, then the date of the file will be touched


Touch Time - if selected, then the time of the file will be touched (at least one of Date or Time must be selected)


Touch Read Only Files - if not checked, then read only files will be ignored


Use Now for Date/Time - the date/time will be the current date time when the action executes.  If you want to specify a date/time based on a variable, then you can use the DateTime property of the action in script (see below)


Log Files Affected - log all files that were touched




Scripting Info


The Action properties available are :


  property DateTime: TDateTime; // Delphi DateTime

  property FileSpec: WideString; // files to touch, can include wildcards

  property TouchDate: WordBool; // set the date

  property TouchTime: WordBool;// set the time

  property TouchReadOnly: WordBool;// by default, read only files will not be touched.

  property Recurse: WordBool; // recurse directories