Backup IIS Metabase Action



The Backup IIS Metabase action creates a backup of the entire IIS metabase.


You can access existing metabase backups from inside IIS Manager, by right-clicking on the Computer name and choosing

"All Tasks->Backup/Restore Configuration".


For help selecting Server and Credential properties (on the Server tab), see the Server Selection topic.






Backup name


Specify the name you wish to give the backup.



Version number


Choose "Generate new number" to automatically generate an incremental backup number.


Choose "Version Number" to specify a version number. You can use a variable in this field, if you wish (for instance, to have the backup number correspond to the build number.)


If you try and create a backup with the same name & version number as a previous backup, an error will be raised.



Password (optional)


Optionally, IIS 6 metabase backups can be protected with a password. You will need the password in order to restore the backup.



Save metabase before backing up


The contents of the metabase will be saved before the backup is undertaken.



Run backup even if the save fails


If this option is selected, the backup operation will be forced to continue even if the initial save fails. Ignored if not used in conjunction with "Save metabase before backing up."