The JEDI VCS actions were kindly written and donated by Mathias Burbach (Maranatha Consulting).


JEDI VCS is an Open Source VCS which was based on FreeVCS.  More information at


The available JediVCS actions are:


JediVCS Synchronize Project
JediVCS Label Project
JediVCS Check Out
JediVCS Undo Check Out
JediVCS Check In
JediVCS List Projects
JediVCS List Project Modules
JediVCS List Locks
JediVCS Synchronize Project For Label


The JediVCS actions use the command line interface of jvcs.  All the available options of jvcs are made available in the FinalBuilder plugins.  For more information on the command line options, please refer to the "Jedi VCS Command Line Client.html" located in the JediVCS installation directory.


Note that the JediVCS actions output the used command line options to the FinalBuilder log, where they can be further scrutinised.


The JediVCS actions have global options, which can be set via the Tools Menu, Options.  The global options allow you to set the following details:

Location of JediVCS executable
Default server name and port
Default login/password


Each action can then either use the defaults, or override the defaults with specific values.