List Iterator



The List Iterator Action allows you to perform a set of actions for each item in a list.


For general information on iterators, see the Iterators overview topic.




List of Items


This is the list of items to iterate through.


By default, each new line represents a value to iterate. In the above example, the iterator will set the variable User first to Fred (and run it's child actions), then to George (and run it's child actions) and then to Judy (and run it's child actions).


FinalBuilder Variables (ie %ListContents%) can be used as part (or all) of the list.





The name of the FinalBuilder Project/User Variable to set for each value.



Skip Blank Entries


If this option is checked, empty lines will be skipped.



Scripting Info


You can set the list of items in script from the "OnFirstRun" event.  Example script text:



Action.ListOfItems.Add("Item 1")

Action.ListOfItems.Add("Item 2")



List Separator




By default, each item in the list appears on a new line.


Optionally, you can change this so that items in the list are delimited by tabs, or by a custom separator character or string (ie comma-delimited.)


Note that if you use a list separator other than newline, scripting of the ListOfItems property will not work as expected.