Manifest Generation and Editing [MAGE]


The Manifest Generation and Editing action enables the creation and editing of application and deployment manifests.

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Project Path

The full path of the project files.


Project Name

The name property will be used to identify the application within the Start Menu, and in the Permission Elevation dialog boxes.


Project Version

The version of the deployment. This value does not correspond to the applications version. The value must be entered in the format of N.N.N.N, for example


Target Processor

The target architecture on which the application will be run. Default value is 'msil' which is platform-independent.


Trust Level

The level of trust to allow the application on client computers.


Certificate Path

The location of the certificate that will be used to sign the manifest.


Certificate Password

Used only in conjunction with the certificate path, allows the use of password protected certificates.




Application Manifest

An application manifest is an XML file that describes an application that is deployed using ClickOnce



Specify the output file for the manifest. Default filename is 'application.exe.manifest'.


Application Files

The full path of the files that will be deployed using ClickOnce.


Deployment Manifest

A deployment manifest is an XML file that describes a ClickOnce deployment, including the identification of the current ClickOnce application version to deploy.



Specify the output file for the manifest. Default filename is 'deploy.application'.


Application Manifest Path

The full path to the application manifest file, which will be used to generate the deployment manifest.


Provider Url

The Url that ClickOnce will use to check for application updates.


Allow Local Install

Indicates wether the application should be installed on the client machines, or run from the web.


Update Manifest


Target Manifest

The full path to the manifest that is to be updated.



Scripting Info


The Action properties available are :


 property ProjectPath                : string

 property ProjectName        : string

 property ApplicationFilesPath        : string

 property Version                : string

 property InstallLocal                : boolean

 property ManifestType        : TFBDotNetManifestMode - mmApplication, mmDeployment, mmUpdate

 property Certificate                : string

 property CertPassword        : string

 property SignManifest        : boolean

 property ProviderUrl                : string

 property AppManifestPath        : string

 property AppToFile                : string

 property DeployToFile        : string

 property UpdateTarget        : string

 property TargetProcessor        : string

 property TrustLevel                : string