FinalBuilder Overview
FinalBuilder Server
Version History
Getting Started
FinalBuilder Basic Concepts
FinalBuilder IDE Modes
Upgrading Projects From Previous Versions
FinalBuilder IDE Reference
Welcome Page
IDE Design Mode
Working with Actions
Properties tab
Action Lists
Actions Tab
Project Tree
Run Tab
Quick Help
Script Editor
Keyboard Shortcuts
Search & Replace
Error Handling
IDE Debug Mode
History & Statistics
Build Statistics
Success Ratio Chart
Main Chart Types
Chart Data Options
Chart Visual Options
Exporting Build Statistics
Printing Statistics Chart
IDE Running Mode
Running a Project
Build Log
IDE Features
Options Dialog
Design Time Options
Runtime Options
Build Statistics Options
Logging Options
Validation Options
Welcome Page Options
Source Control Integration
Source Control Options
Automatic Action Usage Updates
Check for Updates
Package Manager
Tray Icon
Keyboard Shortcuts
FinalBuilder Projects
Project Files & Other Files
Project Global Script
Project Edit Password
Project Summary
Project Information
Configuration Wizard
Scripting in FinalBuilder
Script Editor Options
Script Debugging Options
Global Script functions
Format DateTime Formatting Options
MessageBox Constants
Action Script Events
Action Properties and Methods
Execute Condition
Accessing the Options settings via scripting
Accessing TStrings based properties
Variables Overview
Adding Variables
Using Variables
Variable Evaluation and Recursion
Escaping Variable References
Variable Types
Project Variables
User Variables
Environment Variables
Application Variables
Action List Parameters
Variable Options
Variable Format Strings
DateTime Format Strings
Actions Reference
Custom Actions
Common Action Properties
Timing Properties
Logging Properties
Action Output Monitors
Run Action as User
Setting Processor affinity & process priority
Error Dialog Monitor
Edit Field
Create Archive
Delete from Archive
Extract Archive
List Archive
Test Archive
Update Archive
Create Zip File
Extract Zip File Action
SecureZIP Add Files To Archive
SecureZIP Extract Archive
SecureZIP List Archive Contents
SecureZIP Test Archive Integrity
SecureZIP Common Pages
SecureZIP Security Page
SecureZIP Filters Page
SecureZIP Exclude List Page
WinRAR Action
Build Tools
Ant Project Action
MSBuild Project Action
Nant Project Action
CD/DVD Burner Actions
Burn CD/DVD Action
Burn ISO Action
Check Ready Action
Create ISO Action
AssemblyInfo Updater Action
Embarcadero C++ Builder Action
Embarcadero C++Builder Compiler Options
Embarcadero C++Builder Advanced Compiler Options
Embarcadero C++Builder Advanced Linker Options
Embarcadero C++Builder CodeGuard  Options
Embarcadero C++Builder Corba Options
Embarcadero C++Builder CPP Options
Embarcadero C++Builder Linker Options
Embarcadero C++Builder Pascal Options
Embarcadero C++Builder Scripting Reference
Embarcadero C++Builder TASM Options
Embarcadero C++Builder TLib Options
Using PropertySets with Embarcadero C++ Builder
Build Delphi Project
Delphi Options
Using PropertySets with Delphi
Using EurekaLog
Embarcadero C# Builder Project Compiler Action
Delphi for .NET Action
BPG File Iterator
Compile Embarcadero Resource Script
MadExcept Compiler Action
Java Compiler Action
Embarcadero Compiler Options
JDK Configurations
Compile Visual Basic Project
VB6 Version Compatibility
Using PropertySets with VB6
Visual C++ 6 Action
Using PropertySets with Visual C++
Visual Studio .NET Action
Using PropertySets with VisualStudio.Net
Visual Studio .NET Solution Iterator
Microsoft C# Compiler Action
Microsoft C# Project Compiler Action
Microsoft VB.NET Compiler Action
Microsoft VB.NET Project Compiler Action
Microsoft J# Compiler Action
Microsoft J# Project Compiler Action
MSIL Assembler (ILASM) action
SQL Server Actions
DTSRun Action
Execute SQL Action
SQL Server Backup Database
SQL Server Best Practices Analyzer
SQL Server Check Catalogue
SQL Server Check Database
SQL Server Options
SQL Server Rebuild Indexes
SQL Server Remove Unused Space
SQL Server Restore Database
SQL Server Set Access Mode
SQL Server Update DB Statistics
ADO Dataset Iterator
ADO Execute SQL
ADO Execute Stored Procedure
Executable Packers
ASPack Action
UPX Pack Executable
FinalBuilder IDE
Save FinalBuilder Project Action
Export Log Action
Set Estimated Progress Total Action
Set Build Status Message Action
Create ActionStudio Documentation Action
Accessing FileSets
FileSet Define
FileSet Patterns
FileSet Filters
FileSet Copy/Move Action
FileSet Delete Files
FileSet Log Files
FileSet Refresh
FileSet to Variable
Files & Directories
Calculate File CRC32
Calculate File MD5
Check if File Exists Action
Concatenate Files Action
Copy File(s) Action
Copy/Move File List
Create Directory Action
Create Text File
Delete Directory Action
Delete File(s) Action
Extract Version Info
File Comparison Tools
Araxis Merge Compare Actions
Beyond Compare
Beyond Compare Action
Run Beyond Compare Script
File Compare Action
File Dependency Action
Find File(s)
Get File Size
Get File/Folder Date
Move Directory Action
Move File(s) Action
Read Text File
Rename File or Directory Action
Set File Attributes Action
Signtool Actions
Signtool Sign Files
Signtool Timestamp Files
Signtool Verify Digital Signatures
Text Replace Action
Touch File(s)
Write Text File
Flow Control
Action Group
Case Action
Delay Action
Else Action
Exit Action List Action
For Loop Action
If .. Then Action
If Prev Action Failed Action
Include FinalBuilder Project
Raise Exception
Run Action List Action
Running actions in Parallel
Stop Build Action
Switch Action
Try/Catch/Finally/End Actions
Waiting For Events (Wait For actions)
Wait For Command
Wait For File
Wait For Ini File
Wait For Process
Wait For Registry
Wait For Remote Computer
Wait For Script Result
Wait For Variable
Wait Until
While Loop Action
GUI Automation
Target Property Page
Automatic Configuration
Manual Configuration
Perform Mouse Click
Perform Mouse Move
Send Keyboard Input
Set Scrollbar Position
Wait For Window or Control
Help Compilers
Build Doc-O-Matic Project
Help & Manual Action
HTML Help Compiler
NDoc Action
Sandcastle - BuildAssembler
Sandcastle - MRefBuilder
Sandcastle - XslTransform
WinHelp Compiler
Ini Files & Registry
Export Registry Key
Read Ini File
Read/Set/Delete Registry Value
Write Ini File
GPInstall Action
Inno Setup
InstallAnywhere .Net
InstallAnywhere Enterprise
InstallShield 2008, 2009 & 2010
InstallShield Developer
InstallShield Global Options
InstallShield Pro - Std Edition
InstallShield Pro - Windows Installer Edition
InstallShield Universal Installer
Nullsoft NSIS
SetupBuilder Compile Project
SetupBuilder Run Installer
Setup Factory
Windows Installer
MSI Generic
MSI Merge
MSI Transform
MSI Update Properties
MSI Validation
Windows Installer - Install
Windows Installer - Reinstall
Windows Installer - Uninstall
Wise For Windows Installer
Wise InstallBuilder/InstallMaster
WiX (Windows Installer XML Toolkit)
WiX Compiler (candle.exe)
WiX Linker (light.exe)
Ask Question Action
Beep Action
Choose One Action
Input Box Action
Message Box Action
Multi Question
Prompt for File or Directory
Prompt for Password Action
Prompt for Variables Action
Enhanced Prompt for Variables Action
Convert HTML to MHT File
FTP Actions
FTP Upload
FTP Client (deprecated)
HTTP Get Action
NNTP News Post Action
Send Email (SMTP)
Send ICQ Message Action
Send MSN Message Action
Telnet Client Action
Web Service Action
Web Service Iterator Action
WGet Download
MSDeploy Sync
MSDeploy Delete
MSDeploy Dump
MSDeploy Get Dependencies
MSDeploy Get System Info
SSH Open Connection
SSH Close Connection
SSH Execute Commands
SSH Batch Execute
SFTP Connect
SFTP Disconnect
SFTP Check if Connected
SFTP Create Directory
SFTP Upload FileSet
SFTP Upload File
SFTP Upload Files
SFTP Download File
SFTP Download Files
SFTP Remove File
SFTP Remove Files
SFTP Remove Directory
SFTP Rename File
SFTP List Files
SFTP Query Available Space
SFTP Query Home Directory
SFTP Copy Remote File
Internet Information Services (IIS)
Server Selection
Website Selection
Backup IIS Metabase Action
Create Virtual Directory Action
Create Web Site Action
Delete Virtual Directory Action
Delete Web Site Action
Restore IIS Metabase Action
Start / Stop / Pause Website Actions
Start / Stop / Restart WWW Service Actions
Unload IIS Application Action
Server Selection
Website Selection
Backup IIS Metabase Action
Create Application Pool
Create Virtual Directory Action
Create Web Site Action
Delete Application Pool
Delete Virtual Directory Action
Delete Web Site Action
Restore IIS Metabase Action
Start / Stop / Pause Website Actions
Start / Stop / Restart WWW Service Action
Unload IIS Application Action
Server Selection
FTP Site Selection
Create FTP Directory Action
Create FTP Site Action
Delete FTP Directory Action
Delete FTP Site Action
Start / Stop / Pause FTP Site Actions
Start / Stop / Restart FTP Service Actions
Server Selection
Website Selection
Create Website Action
Delete Website Action
Start / Stop / Restart Website
Create Application
Delete Application
Create Virtual Directory
Delete Virtual Directory
Create Application Pool
Delete Application Pool
Start / Stop / Recycle Application Pool
File Contents Iterator
File/Fileset Iterator
Folder Iterator
INI File Iterator
List Iterator
Licensing Tools
Armadillo Action
ASProtect Action
ProActivate Action
Localization Tools
Misc Actions
CityDesk Action
Comment Action
Encrypt ActionPackage
Generate Random Number
Get DateTime Action
Image File Manipulation
Image Manipulation
Lossless JPEG Transform
Mutex/Lock File Action
Run Script Action
Sort Text List Action
Spell Checking
Text Find / Replace Action
Simple Maths Action
.NET Actions
.Net Framework Tools
NGen 2.0 Native Image Install Action
NGen 2.0 Native Image Uninstall Action
NGen 2.0 Native Images Update Action
Precompile ASP.NET 2.0 Application
Register Assembly in COM [REGASM]
Serviced Components Installation Tool [REGSVCS]
.Net SDK Tools
Extract Public Key [SN]
GAC Download Cache [GACUTIL]
GAC Uninstall [GACUTIL]
Generate Key Pair [SN]
Install Key in Container [SN]
Manifest Generation and Editing [MAGE]
Re-sign Assembly [SN]
Run ResGen.exe
Type Library Export [TLBEXP]
Type Library Import [TLBIMP]
Verify Strong Name [SN]
3rd Party Tools
NCover Reporting
Fix TLBImp Project Reference
VS.NET Setup & Deployment Project Updater
.NET Framework Options
Check If Host Exists
PDF Files
Convert PDF
Convert to PDF
PDF Insert Text
PDF Merge Files
Property Sets
Property Set Definitions
Win32 Property Sets
.Net Property Sets
VB Property Sets
Accessing PropertySets
PropertySet define
PropertySet assign properties
PropertySet increment value
PropertySet load from AssemblyInfo
PropertySet load from FBD
PropertySet load from INI file
PropertySet load from Registry
PropertySet log values
PropertySet save to FBD
PropertySet save to INI file
PropertySet save to Registry
PropertySet to Variable
Source Code Tools
Pascal Analyzer
Stack and Queue Actions
Stack/Queue Define
Stack/Queue Clear
Stack/Queue Get Count
Stack/Queue Insert Item
Stack/Queue Is Empty
Stack/Queue Iterator
Stack/Queue Log Items
Stack/Queue Peek Item
Stack/Queue Pop Item
Stack/Queue Push Item
String Manipulation
CSV Field Iterator
Path Manipulation
String Add Breaks
String Casing
String Concatenation
String Encryption
String Padding
String Quoting
String Replace
String Reverse
String SubString
String Trimming
Testing Tools
AutomatedQA TestComplete 2.x/3.x Actions
AutomatedQA TestComplete 4 and onwards
NUnit Action
Run QA Wizard Batch File
MbUnit Action
Append to Variable Action
Define Variable Action
If Variable Defined Action
Load Variables From Ini
Log Variable Values
Replace Variables
Reset Variable to Default
Save Variables To Ini
Set Variable Action
Version Control Actions
AccuRev Add
AccuRev Add a Change Package Entry
AccuRev Change User
AccuRev Check Out
AccuRev Create Snapshot
AccuRev Create Stream
AccuRev Defunct
AccuRev Generic
AccuRev Keep
AccuRev Lock
AccuRev Promote
AccuRev Purge
AccuRev Remove
AccuRev Remove a Change Package Entry
AccuRev Unlock
AccuRev Update
Embarcadero StarTeam Actions
StarTeam Add Files Action
StarTeam Apply Label Action
StarTeam Check In Action
StarTeam Check Out Action
StarTeam Create Label Action
StarTeam Delete Files Action
StarTeam Generic Action
StarTeam List Files Action
StarTeam Lock/Unlock Files Action
StarTeam Update Status Action
Base ClearCase
ClearCase Apply Attribute Action
ClearCase Apply Label Action
ClearCase Check In Action
ClearCase Check Out Action
ClearCase Find Checkouts Action
ClearCase Get Config Spec Action
ClearCase Lock Action
ClearCase Make Attribute Type Action
ClearCase Make Element Action
ClearCase Make Label Type Action
ClearCase Run Cleartool (Generic) Action
ClearCase Set Config Spec Action
ClearCase Undo Checkouts Action
ClearCase Unlock Action
ClearCase Update Snapshot View Action
ClearCase Object Selector
ClearCase Pathnames
UCM Change Baseline
UCM Change Stream
UCM Check In Files For Activity Action
UCM Make Activity Action
UCM Make Baseline Action
UCM Make Baseline from Label Action
UCM Set Current Activity Action
UCM Undo Checkouts for Activity Action
CVS Actions
CVS Command Action
Git Options
Git Add Files To Repository
Git Checkout
Git Clone Repository
Git Commit
Git Create Branch
Git Create Repository
Git Delete Branch
Git Fetch
Git Generic
Git List Branches
Git Merge
Git Move
Git Pull
Git Push
Git Remove Files
Git Rename
Git Repository Status
Git Reset
Git Show Commit Logs
Scripting JediVCS actions
Choosing Repositories
Specifying Files
Mercurial Add
Mercurial Annotate
Mercurial Archive
Mercurial Branch
Mercurial Bundle
Mercurial Cat
Mercurial Clone
Mercurial Commit
Mercurial Copy
Mercurial Create Repository
Mercurial Export
Mercurial Forget
Mercurial Generic
Mercurial Heads
Mercurial Import
Mercurial Log
Mercurial Manifest
Mercurial Merge
Mercurial Parents
Mercurial Pull
Mercurial Push
Mercurial Remove
Mercurial Revert
Mercurial Rollback
Mercurial Status
Mercurial Summary
Mercurial Tag
Mercurial Tip
Mercurial Unbundle
Mercurial Update
Mercurial Verify
MKS Source
MKS Add Label
MKS Check In
MKS Check Out
MKS Checkpoint
MKS Close Change Package
MKS Connect
MKS Create Change Package
MKS Create Sandbox
MKS Delete Label
MKS Disconnect
MKS Drop
MKS Generic
MKS Lock
MKS Open Change Package
MKS Project Add
MKS Project Check In
MKS Resynchronize
MKS Unlock
Perforce Add Files
Perforce Create Branch
Perforce Create Changelist
Perforce Create Label
Perforce Delete Branch
Perforce Delete Changelist
Perforce Delete Label
Perforce Generic
Perforce Labelsync
Perforce Lock
Perforce Old Actions
Peforce Synchronise with View Action (Deprecated)
Perforce Command Action (Deprecated)
Perforce open for Delete
Perforce open for Edit
Perforce Opened
Perforce Options
Override Perforce Global Options
Perforce Revert
Perforce Submit
Perforce Sync
Perforce Tag
Perforce Unlock
Perforce Update Label
Perforce Login Action
Plastic SCM
Plastic SCM Options
Plastic SCM Add New Items
Plastic SCM Check In Items
Plastic SCM Check Out Items
Plastic SCM Configure Workspace
Plastic SCM Create New Branch
Plastic SCM Create Workspace
Plastic SCM Generic
Plastic SCM Label Workspace
Plastic SCM Update
PureCM Options
PureCM Add File
PureCM Checkout File
PureCM Delete File
PureCM Revert File
PureCM Submit
PureCM Create Workspace
PureCM Update Workspace
PureCM Remove Workspace
PureCM Create Stream
PureCM Delete Stream
PureCM Create Stream Folder
PureCM Delete Stream Folder
PureCM Lock Stream
PureCM Unlock Stream
PureCM Generic
PVCS Add Label
PVCS List Files
PVCS Promote
QSC Team Coherence Actions
Team Coherence Attach Label Action
Team Coherence Check In Action
Team Coherence Check Out Action
Team Coherence Connect Action
Team Coherence Create Label Action
Team Coherence Create View
Team Coherence Delete View
Team Coherence Detach Label Action
Team Coherence Generic
Team Coherence Get Action
Team Coherence Promote Action
Team Coherence Set View Action
Team Coherence Sync
Team Coherence Update View
QVCS Actions
QVCS Add File Action
QVCS Check In File(s) Action
QVCS Check Out File(s) Action
QVCS Get Latest Version Action
QVCS Labels File(s) Action
QVCS Undo Check Out File(s) Action
Seapine Surround SCM
Surround SCM CheckIn
Surround SCM CheckOut
Surround SCM Checkout Report
Surround SCM Create Branch
Surround SCM Freeze Branch
Surround SCM Generic
Surround SCM Get
Surround SCM Global Options
Surround SCM Override Global Options
Surround SCM Label
Surround SCM Remove Working Directory
Surround SCM Set Working Directory
Surround SCM Unfreeze Branch
Source Safe
Source Safe Add Files Action
Source Safe Branch
Source Safe Check File Status
Source Safe Check In File(s) Action
Source Safe Check Out File(s) Action
Source Safe Get Latest Version Action
Source Safe Get Working Directory
Source Safe Label File(s)
Source Safe Override Global Options
Source Safe Project Checkouts
Source Safe Share
Source Safe Undo CheckOut Action
Source Safe Create Action
SourceGear Vault Actions
Vault Add Action
Vault Branch Action
Vault Check In Action
Vault Check Out Action
Vault Cloak Action
Vault Commit Action
Vault Create Folder Action
Vault Create Label Action
Vault Delete File/Folder Action
Vault Diff
Vault File Status
Vault Get Action
Vault Get Label
Vault Get using Wildcards Action
Vault Get Version Action
Vault GetLabelDiffs
Vault ListCheckouts
Vault Move File/Folder Action
Vault Pin File/Folder Action
Vault Rename File/Folder Action
Vault Set Working Folder
Vault Share File/Folder Action
Vault UnCloak Action
Vault Undo Checkout Action
Vault UnPin File/Folder Action
Subversion Actions
Subversion Add
Subversion Checkout
Subversion Cleanup
Subversion Commit
Subversion Copy
Subversion Delete
Subversion Export
Subversion Generic Action
Subversion Import
Subversion Info
Subversion MkDir
Subversion Revert
Subversion Status
Subversion Switch
Subversion Update
Team Foundation Source Control
Team Foundation Add
Team Foundation Apply Label
Team Foundation Branch
Team Foundation Check In Pending Changes
Team Foundation Check Out
Team Foundation Delete
Team Foundation Delete Shelveset
Team Foundation Get
Team Foundation Lock
Team Foundation Map Working Folder
Team Foundation Merge
Team Foundation Remove Label
Team Foundation Rename/Move
Team Foundation Shelve Pending Changes
Team Foundation Undelete
Team Foundation Undo Pending Changes
Team Foundation Unlock
Team Foundation Unmap Working Folder
Team Foundation Unshelve Pending Changes
Team Foundation Create Workspace
Team Foundation Delete Workspace
Team Foundation Work Items
Team Foundation Query Work Items
Team Foundation Create Work Item
Team Foundation Edit Work Item(s)
Team Foundation Copy Work Item(s)
Virtualization Systems
Microsoft Hyper V
Hyper V Server Page
Hyper V Check VM State
Hyper V Start VM
Hyper V Stop VM
Hyper V Reset VM
Hyper V Pause VM
Hyper V Suspend VM
Hyper V Create VM Snapshot
Hyper V Apply VM Snapshot
Hyper V Delete VM Snapshot
Hyper V List Virtual Machines
Microsoft Virtual Server
Virtual Server Check VM Status
Virtual Server List VMs
Virtual Server Pause VM
Virtual Server Reset VM
Virtual Server Save VM State
Virtual Server Start VM
Virtual Server Turn Off VM
VMWare Server
VMWare Server List VMs
VMWare Server Start / Stop / Reset / Suspend  VM
VMWare Workstation
Check Virtual Machine Status
Create Snapshot
Reset Virtual Machine
Revert To Snapshot
Start Virtual Machine
Stop Virtual Machine
Suspend Virtual Machine
List Virtual Machine
Change Virtual Machine State
Execute Guest Command
Windows OS
Close Process Action
COM+ Administration
COM+ Delete
COM+ Edit Application
COM+ Register
COM+ Shutdown Application
COM+ Start Application
Control Service Action
Create Shortcut
Execute Powershell Script
Execute Program Action
Generate New GUID
If COM Class Registered
Logical and Network Drives
Get Disk Free Space
Map Network Drive Action
Subst Drive Action
Unmap Network Drive Action
Net Send Message Action
Networking Configuration and Diagnostics
Rasdial VPN / Remote Network Connection
Register DLL/OCX Action
Remote Reboot Action
Remote Shutdown Action
Run DOS Command Action
Shell Execute
Sysinternals PsTools Suite
PsExec (Execute Remote Process)
PsFile (List/Close Remote Files)
PsGetSID (Security ID Info)
PsInfo (View System Information)
PsKill (Kill Process)
PsList (List Processes)
PsLoggedOn (Logged On Users)
PsLogList (List event logs)
PsService (Service Manager)
PsShutdown (Shutdown Computer)
PsSuspend (Suspend/Resume Processes)
Window Exists Action
Windows Scheduler
Add Scheduled Task
Delete Scheduled Task
End Running Scheduled Task
Run Scheduled Task
Scheduling Remote Tasks
WMI Actions
WMI Kill Process Action
WMI Process Info Action
WMI Process Iterator
WMI Run Process Action
XML Actions
Altova DiffDog Action
Create XML Node
Delete XML Element/Attribute
Delete XML Nodes
Edit XML File Action
Merge XML Action
Extract XML Fragment Action
Read XML Value to Variable
Transform XML
Validate XML File
XML Document Define
XML Node Exists Action
XML Node Iterator
XML Parser Options
XML Save Document
Import Embarcadero Project Wizard
Select Project Group Page
Select Compiler Version Page
Common Settings Page
Version Info Page
Import Options Page
Finish Page
Import VB6 Project Group Wizard
Select Project Group
Master Project Selection
Common Output Path Setting
Compiler Settings
Make Settings
Embarcadero Developer Studio Project Import Wizard
Select Projects
Common Settings
Common Information
Win32 Property Set
Action Grouping
Automating FinalBuilder
FinalBuilder IDE
Scheduling builds
IDE Command Line Interface
Exit Codes
Command Line version
Exit Codes
MSBuild Task
Team Foundation Server Integration
Team Build (TFS 2008)
Visual Studio Addin
New Build Definition With FinalBuilder
Edit FinalBuilder Project(s)
FinalBuilder Task dialog
Team Build Functionality
Get Team Foundation Build Parameters Action
Windows Workflow (TFS 2010)
Adding FinalBuilder templates to TFS
Using TFS data in FinalBuilder
Making your project accessible to TFS
Configure and Queue a Build
Tips and Tricks
Two Environments
Reusing Logic
A Configurable Build
Analysing Output
Documenting your Project
Counting Errors with Try/Catch Blocks
Running Builds in Sequence
Using Output Monitors
Regular Expression Reference
INI Files
Known Problems
FinalBuilder Support

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