The Mercurial actions allow you to interact with the Mercurial distributed version control system.


For more information about Mercurial, see For an introductory walk-through of using FinalBuilder and Mercurial, see Using Mercurial with FinalBuilder.


Global Options

Before you can use the Mercurial actions you need to set the global Mercurial options. You can do this by going to [Tools\Options], selecting [Version Control Systems] and then [Mercurial]. You will see the following screen:




You must specify the directory where Mercurial is installed. Optionally, you can specify a default repository which most Mercurial actions will make use if specified. You can choose to override it in each action.


If you want to run Mercurial actions as part of an unattended build, you should tick the "Run all actions in non-interactive mode" option. This will, where possible, stop Mercurial from prompting for user input.