Mercurial Export


The Mercurial Export action writes the header and diffs for one or more revisions to the output file specified.






The revision to export.


Output file name

The output file name is given using a format string. The formatting rules are as follows:


%%   literal "%" character
%H   changeset hash (40 bytes of hexadecimal)
%N   number of patches being generated
%R   changeset revision number
%b   basename of the exporting repository
%h   short-form changeset hash (12 bytes of hexadecimal)
%n   zero-padded sequence number, starting at 1
%r   zero-padded changeset revision number


NB: Mercurical uses % as a special character, so you cannot use FinalBuilder expressions in the output file name. You may receive warning about variables not existing - these can be ignored


Switch Parent

Diff against the second parent.


Use Git format

Use the Git extended diff format.


Treat as text

Treat all files as text.


Exclude dates

Don't include dates in diff headers.