Mercurial Import


The Mercurial Import action imports a patch file (created by Export) and commits the changes.





Patch file

File created by Export that contains the list of patches to apply.


Commit message

Comment associated with the commit. If a commit message is not specified you will be interactively prompted to enter one when the action runs.


Commit file location

To use a commit message from a file, specify the file in the Commit file location field.



Set the specified user as the committer.



Set the commit date to the date specified. See Date Formats for more information.



If you specify a 'similarity' between 0 and 100, Mercurial will attempt to discover file renames and copies - the larger the number the looser match criteria.



Skip check for outstanding uncommitted changes.



Apply patch to the notes from which it was generated.


No Commit

Don't commit, just update the working directory.


Import Branch

User any branch information in the patch (implied by Exact)