VS.NET Setup & Deployment Project Updater


The VS.NET Setup & Deployment Project Updater Action allows you to edit the metadata contained in Visual Studio Setup and Deployment project files (.vdproj)


To build .vdproj project files, use the Build VS.NET Solution action.


(Note: This action was formerly titled the Microsoft Deployment Project action.)





Existing File Path

The full path to the deployment project file to update.



Deployment Project Properties

All of these properties are available to update. Any field left blank will not be updated. In the example shown above, only the Product Version will be updated.




Product Name

The name of the product. This value will be used within the installer to make reference to your product.


Product Version

The version of the product. The version number format must be ##.##.####; for example 1.0.453


Pad version number to match

If you check the box then the action will try to modify the version number so it can be used. For example, "1.0.3" will become "01.00.003".


Product Code

A Guid used to identify a product release. Windows Installer requires that each installed product has a unique ID.


Package Code

A Guid used to identify the MSI package.


Restart WWW Service

Check this box if the built installer needs to restart the WWW Service after the install runs.


Remove Previous Versions

Check this box to remove any previous versions when the built product is installed.


Install for All Users

If this box is checked, the installer show Install for All Users as the default choice. Otherwise, Install for Current User is the default choice.