The MSDeploy actions allow you to manage IIS Web Applications, Web Sites, Web Server Content and configuration as a part of your FinalBuilder project.


The MSDeploy actions consist of five individual actions:

MSDeploy Sync
MSDeploy Delete
MSDeploy Dump
MSDeploy Get Dependencies
MSDeploy Get System Info


Before using any of these actions you must have the Web Deploy Tool installed on your machine. Specify the path to msdeploy.exe via Tools -> Options -> Internet -> MSDeploy.


All the actions include a common Options page, which allow to you set common options for the actions.




The Xml Output option cannot be disabled for the Get Dependencies and Get System Info actions as they automatically return output in Xml Format. The Xml Output argument will not be passed to the command line for these actions.


For more information on these options see Web Deploy Operation Settings.