NCover What?


Choose from the following items to run NCover over:

NUnit - Allows coverage of NUnit unit tests.
IIS - Allows coverage of IIS.
Windows Services - Allows coverage of a service.
Command - Allows you to specify the command line that NCover will use to run the external tool that will be used for code coverage.


Note: When selecting NUnit as the application to execute the code you need to provide the command arguments to NUnit in the 'Command Arguments' field. If you're testing a single assembly it's enough to just specify the assembly path relative to the working directory (i.e. Program.Tests.dll).




Working directory - specify the working directory that will be set when running NCover.






Specify the level of logging and the file name that will be used for logging.


Coverage Output File


Specify the name of the file for coverage output.


HTML Report output path


Specify the path to be used for HTML reports.


Settings File


Save Settings - Save coverage settings to a file.
Read Settings - Set coverage settings based on a settings file.





List of assemblies to profile


Browse or enter an assembly to profile and then add it to the list by clicking the tick button.


List of attributes marking classes or methods to execute


Click the ellipse (...) button to add NUnit attributes.



For more information on NCover options, please visit: