New Build Definition With FinalBuilder



Use this command to add a new Build Definition to a Team Project, using FinalBuilder as the build engine instead of MSBuild. A new FinalBuilder project is automatically created, added to the build definition, and checked in to source control.


To use this command, right-click on the "Builds" node in Team Explorer and choose "New Build Definition with FinalBuilder...":




Before choosing this command, it is recommended that you create a local working directory for your Team Project's source control repository. If you do not have one set, go to Source Control Explorer, click on the "$/<Team Project>" node, and choose "Get Latest".


When you choose the "New Build Definition with FinalBuilder..." command, the normal Team Foundation "New Build Definition" dialog will appear. Fill in the fields for this dialog normally. When creating a new project and choosing solutions to build, select any solutions which you intend to build with FinalBuilder as part of your project.





When you are done, click OK to close the Build Definition dialog. A new FinalBuilder project will be created to run during the Team Build. The FinalBuilder IDE will automatically load it.




The project contains actions for all of the solutions built in the Build Definition. The project is automatically bound to source control.


You can extend the FinalBuilder project in any way you like, to add extra functionality. You can even remove the Build VS.Net Solution actions and replace them with something else (like MSBuild actions or a VS.NET Solution Iterator.) All of the functionality described in the topic Team Build Functionality is automatically available when this project runs under Team Build.


To further edit the Team Build specific functionality, go back to Team Explorer, right-click on the build type, and choose Edit FinalBuilder Project(s)