NGen 2.0 Native Image Install Action



The NGen 2.0 Native Image Install Action generates native images for an assembly (and its dependencies) and installs them in the Native Images Cache. Assemblies with native images run faster on the current machine because they can bypass the .NET Just-In-Time compiler.


Note: This action requires the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework.


For more information see,VS.80).aspx




Specify Assembly By File


Enter the path of an assembly to precompile.



Specify an assembly in the global assembly cache


Specify the name of an assembly in the global assembly cache. Separate extra properties with commas.



Framework Version


Specify the version of the .NET framework to use for NGen. The minimum is 2.0.







Native images can be compiled for various scenarios. Debugging and/or profiling information can be included. Alternatively, the native image can be generated with a minimum of dependencies (not recommended because non-native dependencies will cause the Just In Time compiler to be invoked, negating the benefits of Native Images.)





The assembly configuration can be optionally taken from an executable configuration or an application base path (note that these two options are mutually exclusive.)



Queue for execution...


Rather than installing directly, the generation & installation can be queued for execution by the Native Image Service.