Override Perforce Global Options


Each Perforce action has the option to either:

Use the global Perforce options (as specified in Tools menu | Options), or
User the Perforce defaults (ie. don't override the Perforce environment variables), or
Override the Perforce global defaults


The options available when overriding the Perforce global defaults are:


Client name (g-opts: -c) : Overrides any P4CLIENT setting with the specified client name.


Hostname (g-opts: -H) : Overrides any P4HOST setting and replaces it with the specified hostname.


Port (g-opts: -p) : Overrides any P4PORT setting with the specified port number.


Username (g-opts: -u) : Overrides any P4USER, USER, or USERNAME setting with the specified user name.


Password (g-opts: -P) : Overrides any P4PASSWD setting with the specified password.


Current Working Directory (g-opts: -d) : Overrides any PWD setting (i.e. current working directory) and replaces it with the specified directory.